Botox vs. Chemical Peels - What's the Difference?

When it comes to skin care, several options are available to smooth lines and wrinkles including Botox and chemical peels. Calgary residents have many choices, but it often comes down to these two. Which skin treatment is right for you? For best results, learn about Botox and chemical peels and then schedule a skin consultation to make sure you’ve selected the correct skin treatment procedure for your personal needs.

What is Botox?

Calgary’s Total Skincare Centre reports that Botox is the registered trademark of Allergan Inc. and that it is a purified natural protein produced by Clostridium botulinum, a strain of bacteria. Botox injections work by stopping the nerve impulses to the muscles. Since the muscles can no longer contract, the wrinkles nearby soften and fade. For example, Botox can be injected into specific facial muscles responsible for causing frown lines, stopping frowning and relaxing the lines as a result.

Should I Worry about the Safety of Botox?

Calgary skin care patients often ask this question due to concerns about the toxic nature of botulinum. Extensively tested and safely used for over 20 years to treat millions of patients, Botox has been approved in Canada for cosmetic treatment.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are a skin treatment that restores your skin’s healthy glow. Chemical peels can improve skin colour, tighten pores, lighten dark spots, soften fine lines, and give you smooth, soft skin with increased elasticity and firmness.

Chemical peels, like the name implies, involve the application of certain chemicals to your skin. One of the more commonly used chemicals is Glycolic acid, a member of the alpha hydroxyl acid family. These chemicals remove the thickened outer layer of skin and dead skin cells, revealing the fresh new skin below. The procedure is typically performed at your dermatologist’s office or skin care clinic, followed by self-treatment applications at home.

Which Skin Care Treatment is Right for You?

While Botox and chemical peels are both safe, effective skin care procedures, other options including fillers, acne treatments, and Latisse are available. These options aren’t meant to confuse the issue, but it’s important to recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Schedule a skin consultation with Total Skincare Centre and find out what’s available and which treatment makes the most sense for your skin’s current condition and your long-term beauty goals. Learn more about your skin care options by “liking” Total Skincare Centre on Facebook.

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